Our Environment

  • Our firm specializes in tax related matters;
  • Although we are not an accounting firm per se since we do not prepare financial statements for our incorporated clients, we use their statements to prepare the necessary corporate tax returns for some of our clients;
  • Although we are not a legal firm per se since we do not prepare any legal documents, we give the instructions to lawyers and/or notaries so they prepare the legal documentation to properly reflect the proposed tax planning for our clients;
  • Although we do not provide financial products, we recommend to our clients the use of life insurance investments to finance their estate tax planning and shareholders’ agreements, if any;
  • Although we write neither shareholders’ agreements nor personal wills, we explain to our clients the tax implications of these agreements in their tax planning, and ensure these documents properly reflect their wishes;
  • We advise non-residents of the tax implications related to their investments in Canada and we prepare for them all the necessary tax forms related to their investments;
  • We help taxpayers who wish to regulate their tax situation with the governments by preparing for them a voluntary disclosure of undeclared assets and/or income.

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